Experienced partner specialised in implementing data management solutions

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Aveso is an experienced partner specialised in implementing data management solutions.

We have supported our customers data management for several years. Our customers are mainly large and medium-sized companies, who operate variously in the manufacturing industry, the construction and engineering, the aviation sector, the telecommunications sector and the energy industry.

Solutions for intelligent data management:

We offer software solutions developed for the needs of modern business for master data quality management and automated data warehouse development. Our data management solutions are suitable for every business where data is used to support business decisions. Our solutions are widely used in large and medium-sized organizations.

Our solutions:

Master Data Quality Management

Centralized tool for master data quality management

With Aveso Data Studio, you can centralize master data quality management processes. With the help of the solution, you can collect, share and monitor the quality of master data all the way up to the management level.

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Data Warehouse Automation

Automated data warehouse development tool

A modern cloud data warehouse can be set up in just weeks. With the help of the solution, efficient development and maintenance of the data warehouse saves time and resources for data utilization and analysis.

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ERP -konsultti avoimet työpaikat

Ready-made cloud data warehouse for IFS

Implementation of a new data warehouse on top of the IFS system in just weeks. The ready-made data models of the solution provide a platform on which it is easy and fast to implement business reporting.

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IFS Cloud | ERP system for the manufacturing industry, energy sector and construction.

IFS Cloud is an solution that offers an EAM, FSM and ERP solution in one product and platform. IFS´ goal has been to break down the traditional barriers between different business software categories and replace them with one seamless experience.

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